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Planet Love Life is a family owned small business that is helping to raise awareness of the ocean pollution. The love and devotion to from our amazing customers is the reason why we have been able to continue this important fight against marine debris and help save marine animals.

How will your donation help the Planet? 

  • CLEANUP PROJECTS: Planet Love Life organizes and participates in beach & coastal cleanups in the U.S. and internationally. Our focus has been to assist with local volunteer cleanup organizations in remote locations that need the most assistance in clearing debris.The costs associated with these cleanups include: transportation & cleanup supplies.
  • MARINE DEBRIS AWARENESS: Planet Love Life's core mission is to spread a message of love and respect for the planet and all life within it. And, our focus is promoting a lifestyle that eliminates or reduces the wasteful habits that lead to marine debris. We do this through a variety of mediums including, online promotions, website, emails, informative flyers, community events, etc. 
  • FREE BRACELETS: When you love the planet, the planet loves you back! We donate custom bracelets for organizations & individuals who are actively cleaning up debris on a regular basis & send us fishing nets & ropes that they have salvaged. These FREE promotional bracelets are often used for fundraisers and giveaways for cleanup organizations. (Click Here for more info

We would greatly appreciate your love & support in this very important cause!

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