Our Story

While in the Bahamas in 2014, Rob & Melody Webster were walking the shore collecting plastic debris that had washed ashore. They were working in the Bahamas as the educational & operational directors of a marine science adventure program. While teaching some students about the negative impact of the various types of debris, they identified fishing nets as the most hazardous time of debris for marine life.

Melody and Rob knew that the only way to turn the tide on marine debris was to spread awareness. They began removing the nets from the beaches and bringing some of the nets home in their suitcases to be repurposed.
planet love life cleanups

Where there are problems, there are always solutions! Inspired to carry the story of the ocean onto dry land, they began making bracelets from the nets they collected.

With a great product in mind, soon followed the idea to promote marine debris awareness by creating a brand & a symbol to represent love and respect for the planet and the life within it... Planet Love Life!

The concept of Planet Love Life grew from a brand, into a way of life. We are all connected through the oceans. Our mission is providing education of marine debris, preventing wildlife entanglement, promoting sustainable living, and preserving our planet's natural environments through the love and respect for life.

ocean cleanup bracelets


We are continuing our efforts to save marine animals from the deadly ghost nets that circulate in our seas through our partnerships and community projects. Planet Love Life began working with other organizations actively involved in removing fishing nets from the ocean.

Planet Love Life is a member of the Global Ghost Gear Initiative and a world leader in promoting sustainable living. We invite you to join us in our quest for clean oceans!