The Crew

The Planet Love Life movement began in 2014 by , Melody Costa and Rob Webster . Our organization has been built on a foundation of love and support from many volunteers and wonderful people over the years. 

the planet love life crew


Melody Webster - (Co-Founder / Cleanups & Events Coordinator)



The Marine Debris Mermaid! Melody Webster is passionate about ocean conservation and a lover of all things from the sea. A true mermaid & thalassophile, she sprouted legs just to help clean up the beaches! Prior to forming Planet Love Life, Melody was the Director of Field Studies for an international marine ecology education program in the Bahamas. Melody has a background in experiential education and environmental sciences from the University of South Florida. She has a multitude of skills, knowledge and experience in marine ecosystems, field instruction and hands-on group learning. As strong environmental advocate, Melody frequently volunteers her spare time for beach clean ups and restoration projects. When not promoting Planet Love Life through outreach events & cleanup projects, Melody performs as a mermaid for parties & events!





To all of the amazing people that have volunteered, donated rope, shared our posts, made donations, purchased a bracelet and shown us love. You mean the planet to us... we are but a reflection of the love that you have given us and we couldn't do it without any of you!