Plastic Ingestion

Ingestion of ocean plastic is a serious threat for all marine life. Floating plastic can be mistaken for jellyfish, a common food source for sea turtles.

plastic ingestion

Ingestion of plastics can cause serious harm to these animals, resulting in loss of nutrition, internal injury, intestinal blockage, starvation, and even death.

albatross plastic ingestion

The majority of debris items are small plastic objects small enough to be ingested by wildlife, and ingestion has been confirmed from the ocean surface to great depths.

plastic glove ocean

Plastic is ingested by all types of marine organisms, including zooplankton, one of the smallest life forms and blue whales, the largest animal on this planet.

whale plastic

In June of 2018 a pilot whale was found dead in Thailand with nearly 20 pounds of plastic bags inside its stomach. Click Here for the whole story

 plastic sea bird pelican

NOAA Marine Debris Ingestion Report