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"It's not magic, It's mangroves!" by Laura LaBeur (Feb. 2018)



The increased flooding in Florida isn’t due to one cause. Climate change certainly has an effect, but more directly the effect seems to be linked to the lack of important coastal plants!... CLICK HERE for more...


"What is Marine Debris?" by Morgan Knowles (Oct. 2017)

What is marine debris

Marine debris. Ocean Garbage, Beach Litter, Plastic Pollution... In case you haven’t and are unaware of the marine debris epidemic and you are looking for answers, look no further... CLICK HERE for more...



"Sharks Need Love" by Laura LaBeur (July 2017)

Sharks need love

Shark. The word may send shivers down your spine. But it shouldn’t! Sharks help maintain a healthy and well balanced ocean. However, we are removing them at an alarming rate. From shark finning to entanglement, sharks should be more afraid of US! CLICK HERE for more..



"Monofilament Clean-O-Thon" by Planet Love Life (Mar. 2017)

monofilament recycling

The Mono-Clean-O-Thon is an event that took place on March 4th, 2017 and was organized by Tampa Bay Watch, an organization that is actively involved in the battle against marine debris. Planet Love Life helped with the event by participating in the cleanup and providing prizes for the participants. CLICK HERE for more..



"Marine Debris Fundraisers" by Planet Love Life (Jan. 2017)


Tired of promoting the same old chocolate bars and cookies? Add value to your fundraiser by supporting a movement and product with a purpose! CLICK HERE to read more...



"Better Together Partnerships" by Planet Love Life (Jan. 2017)

better together partnerships

Throughout the globe there are organizations that are making a difference in the fight against marine debris. Planet Love Life is dedicating a portion of its proceeds to helping these organizations achieve their goals. We are donating a portion of proceeds from the sale of our bracelets to organization who share a common goals and ideologies. Together we have a much better chance and changing the way people think about the ocean. CLICK HERE to learn more...



"Bird Lives Matter" by Planet Love Life (Aug. 2016)

birds lives matter

The beautiful beaches of the Florida gulf coast are home to a wide variety of shore birds including: pelicans, seagulls, ospreys and many more. Unfortunately, its all too common to see fishing line wrapped around a bird's neck, feet, or hanging from its beak. CLICK HERE to learn more...



"Ghost Gear Rewards Program" by Planet Love Life (Aug. 2016)

ghost gear rewards program

In an effort to support local beach cleanup projects, we are excited to announce our Ghost Gear Collection & Donation Project! Planet Love Life is connecting with organizations and individuals around the world who share a common goal of beach and ocean debris cleanup. We are specifically interested in receiving donations of ghost nets and fishing rope gear. CLICK HERE to learn more...